Dining Room

Guys, my house looks like a real house now!
I mean obviously it has always looked like a house. But then you’d walk through it and we had so many empty rooms that it looked like we were either just moving in or out.
But not anymore!

We still have a long way to go until the house is ‘done’, but the whole look of the house inside has changed. And it only took three very large pieces.

First, our dining room set has arrived! We bought a table, chairs, and hutch back in August, but had to wait 10-12 weeks for it to be built and shipped. But Friday it arrived and it’s amazing!




But then we had plans Friday night, and friends from CA stopping by first thing Saturday. So Saturday morning Jon ran to the grocery store for me and also stopped at Target to grab a table cloth and placemats so we could safely eat breakfast at the table.


Then I spent the day unpacking the masses of boxes we’ve been stashing in the office since the wedding. It kinda felt like the wedding all over again! I was excited to get them initially, but getting to actually pull them out and put it away got me excited all over again.
Today I’ve spent most of the day finishing washing everything and putting it away, as well as going through the other piles that have been stuffed in the office. I even got it clean enough I could roll out the new rug!

A huge difference from before:

But while that is exciting, it’s still not as exciting as this:


I still have some rearranging to do, and a lot of boxes to get rid of (our trash bin is already full and trash day isn’t until Thursday, but our house feels so much more like a lived-in home already!

The other big, room changing furniture will have to wait until tomorrow so I can post better pictures of it!

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