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Creepy Noises

Cause and effect question for today: If you’re not home alone, are there still creepy noises? Or is it like when you’re in a hurry and you hit every red light; you are alone, therefore you will hear creepy noises? … Continue reading

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Toe-mato, Tah-mato

I’ve got tomatoes! Mostly. Look at all these green bradywine tomatoes. I am anxiously waiting for them to turn ripe! And a have a little bunch of cherry tomatoes starting to ripen already! I have basil plants and mozzarella standing … Continue reading

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July 2013 Home Tour

Here’s the house as of August 2013 : Front of the house Clearly we’re never getting to planting those leftover flowers! The entryway: It was actually clean until just the other day. We ordered a few things off our registry … Continue reading

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