Summer House Updates

I haven’t posted here in forever. A lot has changed, but life’s been busy and it’s hard to keep up sometimes.
The last few months in a nutshell?

The chickens are out (aka something all them all. 4th of July weekend. Yeah.)

The new puppy is in! We brought him home at 8 weeks old on August 2nd. His name is Sullivan but we generally call him Sully. He’s a cavalier King Charles spaniel, and he’s the perfect little fit for our family!


We just added a buffet and new work bench in the garage. I have new shelves in the office (and a bunch of other storage/organization pieces sitting in a pile waiting to be utilized).


We went to Napa for a long weekend!

We finally pulled up and relaid the brick walkway and fixed the sloping front step. We also dug up all the mismatched bushes and put in three flower beds in the front yard! That was a long couple of weekends earlier this summer.



That left us with no grass in the front yard (not that we did even on a good day… *cough*weeds*cough*) so we had a company is come to lay new grass seed. Hopefully it’ll get a good start before winter so we’ll be in a good place for spring!

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