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Weekend in Chicago, Part One

I almost made it through Chicago without incident. Almost. Jon and I flew from Cleveland to Chicago Friday night. Since I work until 6 the plan was to leave as soon as I got home from work, but that would require … Continue reading

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I’m not sure why the people who live above us feel the need to vacuum every single morning between 730 and 8. Or what they’re doing in their hallway and bathroom that makes it necessary for them to vacuum every … Continue reading

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Don’t Drive and Eat Cupcakes

I’m safely home from CT! My safety wasn’t an issue until the very last part of my drive home, but it was stressful enough to warrant the emphasis on being alive. It started snowing when I was about 2 hours … Continue reading

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Holiday Weekend in CT

I have Monday off for President’s Day! So I’m going to CT for the weekend to see some of my favorite people! I’m leaving from work tomorrow and heading straight through. It should take a little over 8 hours according … Continue reading

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Being organized is the key to my job

Today was a super busy day. And yet, I’m not sure I could actually tell you what I did. Every time I sat down I got called into another meeting, or I’d get another email with a job to start, … Continue reading

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