Dining Rug

I don’t know why finding a dining room rug is so hard.

Well, actually it’s probably because I tend to take the path of over complication. (I know, I can hear you saying “You? No way!” but it’s true…)

Our new dining room set arrived in October. I half-heartedly started looking pervious to that, but didn’t want to pick anything until I had a better idea about how the set would look in the room. But pretty much since November, every couple of weeks I would spend a few days online looking at rugs and pictures of dining rooms for inspiration.

I actually fell in love with a rug just a few weeks ago. But it wasn’t meant to be. After getting my hopes up, and becoming hopelessly attached to a rug that looked nothing like my original vision… I discovered it only came in a 5×8 size. I needed at least an 8×10, preferably even larger.

Heart crushed, I even considered buying two and trying to attach them. But there’s no way the pattern would have matched up.

This was getting precariously close to becoming another living room pillow situation.

Anyway, my original plan was to buy a blue dining room rug. But it couldn’t be too dark, because the table and chairs are so dark. It also couldn’t be too light, because it’s a dining room rug and stains can happen. So a blue, but not too blue, but not not blue either. And it would have to go with the curtains I haven’t picked out yet for the glass door. Because in the summer we get a ton of sun through there.

Like I said, path of over complication.

But you (and Jon) are in luck! I decided on a dining room rug, and it’s even been delivered already. So as long as we like it (which we better, because that sucker is huge and I don’t want to have to deal with returning it) we’re all done, without having to drag a bunch of versions in and out of the house. But the rug I bought isn’t actually blue at all. It’s gray.

But I’ve never had a problem picking out blues, so I already know there will be plenty elsewhere!

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