Den and Garage

So the other large piece of furniture making a big change in our house is the bookcase the previous owner left.

It got moved out of the den/sitting room so we could paint and put in the wood floors. It has pretty much lived in the garage since then, waiting to be cleaned and painted.

Here is the bookcase progression (apparently I forgot to take pics while painting them, but you get the idea):






Having the bookcase in the living room definitely makes it look more finished. And it gives me more shelves to put stuff on!

The other exciting development from our long weekend is two almost perfectly working garage doors!
Jon replaced his motor and installed eye sensors on his, and got a working remote for my door. So now we can both actually park in our garage!
My door still needs a little work, because it doesn’t close straight, and so bounces back open sometimes. But still, we can park in the garage!

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2 Responses to Den and Garage

  1. Cindy B says:

    Are those DOORS? I SEE DOORS! Woot! lol

  2. salpal1 says:

    wow – it looks beautiful. I have bookcase envy – 5 years and our books are still in boxes….

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