New Dining Rug

We love the dining room rug.

I know you were worried about it, so I thought I’d put your mind at ease. And I don’t have to worry about how to rewrap and ship an 8×11 rug back because it wasn’t what we wanted.

But I do have to say I only have good things to say so far about Rugs USA. I’ve only bought two rugs from them so far, but both are even better in person than I was hoping (which might be a case of low expectations – because really, I’m never 100% convinced anything online is going to look as good as the picture).
They also have really good sales pretty often. Luckily I’ve not yet needed a rug so bad that I HAD to buy it immediately, so I can wait for one of their bigger sales. But they even have smaller ones pretty frequently.

So here’s the dining room before – with the ugly, cheap indoor/outdoor like $20 mat from Home Depot. It was really just there to protect my pretty bamboo floors.


And here’s the new rug!



It’s gray and cream. But the gray has a little bit of a blue undertone, which I love. We looked at several similar rugs pattern/color-wise, but we really liked the boarder on this rug. It makes it more finished looking I think.
The rug definitely pulls the room together too. It just feels nice. And makes me smile, which is pretty high on the criteria list for things I’m bringing into my cute little house 🙂

Also: Chicken Update

Jon thought you guys might be worried, not knowing how the chickens have been doing since all the pecking incidents.
But he’s happy to report that they’ve stopped pecking, although we don’t know if that’s because of the salve or that we covered the run with plastic so it’s protected from the snow.
Their feathers have all grown back too, which I would say is thanks to the salve.

So all in all, we have happy chickens. Though we still usually get one or two eggs a day from them.

In other house news, we finally hung the curtains in the front room. I bought them in November I think. We meant to hang them before we went to California. Then we got home and pretty much immediately brought home a giant Christmas tree so trying to work around that seemed silly.

But now that the tree is gone, I wanted the curtains hung before we moved the chairs back over there. They definitely make the room look more like a real room, and not so much a half empty space waiting to be a real room.
Even though we are still waiting to fill the other half of the room!

The curtains are pretty sheer, so they’re more for looks than privacy. But I’m planning on getting thin white curtains to add behind them, both for more privacy and because I think that will help the pattern on them stand out more.





But so there you go. Two rooms looking like rooms and a half dozen healthy chickens. Not bad.

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