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Snow Chickens

So apparently chickens don’t like snow. Or at least our chickens don’t. We do have pretty spoiled chickens though, so that might have something to do with it.    Our chickens refuse to walk on the snow. They’d rather hide … Continue reading

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So this weekend there was a pretty big storm. You might have heard something about it? Nemo swamped a lot of New England with snow. I have friends who are still stuck in their houses because snow plows are really … Continue reading

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Best News Ever

I’ve got exciting news….. I got a job! Finally, after like 8 months of looking, moving, and looking (changing states 3 or so times probably didn’t help). I start on Thursday! I found it through a staffing/temp agency type of … Continue reading

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Friday’s aren’t exciting

I’m glad that it’s Friday. Not that it being the weekend has any real impact on my life – except that I have Jon to hang out with all day instead of being by myself – but because I don’t have … Continue reading

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Snow and being the best girlfriend ever

It’s been snowing since yesterday afternoon. I’m not sure how many inches have fallen, but there’s a pretty decent pile on my car already and it’s coming down pretty hard still. Jon got home late last night and we both … Continue reading

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