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Meeting my Predecessor

Yesterday I was having issues with my computer. It was just going really slowly and kept freezing up and all I wanted to do was restart it so the updates could install and I could catch up on NCIS finally. … Continue reading

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Being organized is the key to my job

Today was a super busy day. And yet, I’m not sure I could actually tell you what I did. Every time I sat down I got called into another meeting, or I’d get another email with a job to start, … Continue reading

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Work Week One

I’m enjoying working. I feel really lucky about this because at this point I would have been happy to have pretty much any job at all, so having one that I’m enjoying and learning from is an amazing bonus. Overall … Continue reading

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Best News Ever

I’ve got exciting news….. I got a job! Finally, after like 8 months of looking, moving, and looking (changing states 3 or so times probably didn’t help). I start on Thursday! I found it through a staffing/temp agency type of … Continue reading

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