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Hot in Cleveland

I discovered a fun perk of the company I work for this week. We do hair. We’re based near Cleveland…. Makes sense we’d sponsor the premier of the TV show right? Especially one based on our town (I wonder what … Continue reading

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Meeting my Predecessor

Yesterday I was having issues with my computer. It was just going really slowly and kept freezing up and all I wanted to do was restart it so the updates could install and I could catch up on NCIS finally. … Continue reading

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Don’t Drive and Eat Cupcakes

I’m safely home from CT! My safety wasn’t an issue until the very last part of my drive home, but it was stressful enough to warrant the emphasis on being alive. It started snowing when I was about 2 hours … Continue reading

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Being organized is the key to my job

Today was a super busy day. And yet, I’m not sure I could actually tell you what I did. Every time I sat down I got called into another meeting, or I’d get another email with a job to start, … Continue reading

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Work Week One

I’m enjoying working. I feel really lucky about this because at this point I would have been happy to have pretty much any job at all, so having one that I’m enjoying and learning from is an amazing bonus. Overall … Continue reading

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