Christmas Tree Hangover

Jon and I flew to California for a week to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with my family. We had a great time and enjoyed the 70+ degree weather!
The less enjoyable part was flying back home Friday night on a red-eye.
I’m getting to old for that nonsense.

We landed in Manchester Saturday at 9am, after spending the night flying and the early morning in a freakishly cold Newark airport. (Seriously, we could see our breath inside the terminal!)
We forced ourselves to stay awake for a few hours at our house, mainly staring off into space, before heading out to Jon’s parents to go Christmas tree chopping. Continue reading

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Halloween 2013

I love decorating for holidays. And really, I started collecting holiday decor long before I had a house to put it all in.
I love buying pieces in the post holiday sales, but that requires planning so you have things before you need them. But it also means some great deals!

Here’s my current collection of Halloween decor!

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Den and Garage

So the other large piece of furniture making a big change in our house is the bookcase the previous owner left.

It got moved out of the den/sitting room so we could paint and put in the wood floors. It has pretty much lived in the garage since then, waiting to be cleaned and painted.
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Dining Room

Guys, my house looks like a real house now!
I mean obviously it has always looked like a house. But then you’d walk through it and we had so many empty rooms that it looked like we were either just moving in or out.
But not anymore! Continue reading

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September 2013 Home Tour

Mostly. Usually I take and post the pictures on the 1st or 2nd, but it was a busy week and we cleaned the house this weekend, so you’re getting September/early Oct. pictures because I believe in decorating for Halloween on Oct 1st!

It’s raining, so no front of house picture today. The only thing that’s changed out front lately is that we have two huge mums on the porch for fall!

The Entryway:
Lots of changes here! The stairs aredone being painted and the paper and tape are gone! Jon and I went apple picking Friday and also picked these 3 pumpkins for the house.
We added this bench for shoes (and cute pillows for Halloween).
The picture college didn’t work out, they kept falling so we bought these frame rails that haven’t made it up yet.
We also added a table for next to the door, right now it’s holding fall m&m’s, but it’ll also hold mail and whatever else.






The Den:
We added two lamps, so there is actually lighting in there. We also got Jon a chair from ikea, that is usually in the living room currently but it’ll eventually live in the office.



Living room:
I don’t think much has been done here except for holiday decorating and adding to my H wall.





Kitchen and dining room:
What’s different here? Well I have someone cooking for me for a change 😉
Our dining room set should be here any day now too!




The office:
The room looks just as bad as usual, but we have a rug for as soon as we can clear if out!



Hall and bath:
Same so far, but the bath is still towards the top of the list!



The master:
Not much change here either.




Guest room:
Only real change in here is that I hung a wedding present mirror up finally, and the holiday stuff is moving around.


Same as always.


Looks like fall!



And we decided to just pick everything from the garden since it’s getting so cold at night. Nothing got overly large, but we’re excited about what we got! Ad hopefully next year will be better.



Isn’t the baby watermelon fun?!

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