Christmas Tree Hangover

Jon and I flew to California for a week to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with my family. We had a great time and enjoyed the 70+ degree weather!
The less enjoyable part was flying back home Friday night on a red-eye.
I’m getting to old for that nonsense.

We landed in Manchester Saturday at 9am, after spending the night flying and the early morning in a freakishly cold Newark airport. (Seriously, we could see our breath inside the terminal!)
We forced ourselves to stay awake for a few hours at our house, mainly staring off into space, before heading out to Jon’s parents to go Christmas tree chopping.

Our group was looking for 4 trees. Ours, his parents, one for his grandmother, and his grandfather came to pick one too. And guess what, everyone is picky but has a different set of criteria!

I pretty quickly found Jon and I the perfect tree, but no one else was liking the ones in that area so we moved on. I figured making sure there wasn’t a better one out there would be a good idea since we’d have to walk back past our tree to get out.

But I was right the first time 🙂 it was the best tree for us!


This is the only pic I got before my phone died. Apparently I wasn’t the only one running on fumes at that point!

But Sunday Jon’s parents brought our tree over and helped set it up. The guys had to cut the bottom section off the tree because I picked one way taller than we needed knowing I wanted the bottom section cut off.



Isn’t she pretty? She’s so full and green and perfectly shaped!

They cut her to size so the star could sit right in our half window, but really we could get an even bigger tree next year and go all the way up to the ceiling vault!


Jon and I took another day or three to get the trimmings all done because we had to go get lights, more lights, a replacement box of lights cause one was defective… And so on.

(Also, we had a mouse move into our kitchen while we were gone so fixing that situation took a while on Sunday too)

But here she is! I love having the tree on. The twinkling lights and yummy tree smell make me so happy!





And the new tree skirt I had to buy, because the old one was too small to fit around the giant tree (and the giant tree stand we have to hold it up!). I’m still not convinced the tree skirt is large enough, but it is really pretty.

Also, all of the pictures are from the same not-straight-on angle, because I’m trying to avoid the giant fooseball table sitting in the middle of the room…
It’s too large and heavy to move. And I’m not sure why it was put in that room in the first place, but apparently I’m stuck with it there now. *😁 this is my less that happy face.*

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