Last week, the chickens gave me a heart attack.

I was putting a load of laundry in and noticed that the chickens were making some pretty weird noises. I stuck my head out the back door, and my stomach hit the floor. The door to the chicken coop was wide open.

I quickly got my shoes on and went out to check on the chickens…. But only two of the six were in there!

I called Jon, who didn’t answer. And spent a few minutes freaking out and searching the yard for the missing chickens. I managed to pretty quickly find two more, off to the side just inside the forest, but couldn’t find the last two.

At this point I’ve spoken with Jon, and we pretty much assumed the last two got eaten. We had no idea how long they’d been free and animals do wander through our yard, and a hawk has been seen a few times.
If they hadn’t been eaten, I was hoping they’d work their way back at some point looking for their regular feeding.

Periodically through the day I’d go out the back door, and circle the house looking for them with no luck.

And then I went to get the mail around 3pm. I’m walking down the driveway when I hear it. Chicken noises.
I stopped moving and listened. Definitely chicken noises.
I looked around and slowly, chicken number 5 emerged from the forest next to the driveway.
I grabbed her and called Jon while trying to stick her one-handed into the coop.
I went back to the driveway and stared intently into the woods, calling for the chicken (like it was a dog that would come when called). But soon the final chicken emerged!

It was a dramatic day for chickens that aren’t even supposed to be my problem!

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