Creepy Noises

Cause and effect question for today:

If you’re not home alone, are there still creepy noises?
Or is it like when you’re in a hurry and you hit every red light; you are alone, therefore you will hear creepy noises?

I never hear creepy noises when Jon’s home.
Actually now that I think on it, that’s not totally true (see: post about midnight alarm). But still, even when I stay up much later than him, stuff like this doesn’t happen.

Things like weird noises in the shower that make you stop mid shampoo to try and figure out what it could have been other than someone coming into the bathroom to go all Psycho on you.
Is it bad that I hoped the noise was something trying to break into the chicken coop, because that would mean it was an animal stuck outside and not something moving inside the house?

My morning discovery was that it was the box holding the herbs up deciding to collapse in on itself.

Or things like the very loud crashing/banging noise at around 3am.
I was assuming either the front hall closet collapsed again, or someone broke into the house and then fell down the stairs.

Turns out the picture frames I hung on the wall yesterday decided they were over it and fell down, taking another frame with it and somehow managed to shatter the outlet on the wall.
Not sure how that happened either.

I can’t decide if it makes more sense to leave all the fans running so I’m less likely to hear future creepy noises, or if I should turn them all off so I have a better chance of identifying the creepy noise and not be creeped out.

The house knows when I’m alone and takes great pleasure in messing with me.

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