Free Bird

So last night, after running to the feed store to get teenager chicken feed and a bigger water dispenser (refilling it twice a day was getting old) Jon and I decided to see what would happen if we let the chickens out.

I wanted to go with the less stressful ‘let’s let one out and see what happens’ method. But Jon said he’d feel bad for the others.

So we let them all out.



Well eventually. We didn’t want to force them out so it was a slow process. Two were under the coop very confused about how the other four made it to the other side of the wire. Sadly, I really did spend like 20 minutes trying to coax the chickens to the other side of the pen, so I could get them into the coop, so they could come out too…. I’m not sure what this state is doing to me, but it’s not normal.



She got a little confused on the way out. And then couldn’t figure out how to get down!


Like I said, not sure how everyone but them got out.


Mostly they just seemed interested in eating the grass…. They actually walked over a few bugs, so I was more than a little disappointed. Aren’t they supposed to eat all the bugs?

They did try to eat my shoelaces though, so we might have defective chickens.

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