Attack of the Bugs

I’ve decided Jon isn’t allowed to leave me home alone.
It’s like all the bugs know and come out of the wood work to terrify me.

In the 4 days he’s been gone, it has gotten to the point that I jumped and screamed when the fan fluttered a paper on the couch next to me earlier. That’s how convinced I was that it must be another attack.

I’ve been attacked by two different bugs, in one night, IN MY SLEEP. Both times involved me leaping out of bed to turn the light on. And once involved a panic attack because a spider had just crawled across MY FACE.

A wasp colony has taken up residence in the newspaper box next to the mail box. So now I can’t get the mail without running the risk of attack. It was a close call earlier today.

Something, I’m not even sure what, attacks me every time I go in the backyard to water the vegetable garden and the chickens. Who on a slightly happier note, either all come running when I call for them or they miss Jon so terribly they all run out hoping its him. Either way I have to get them all out into the pen so I can change their water because they all make a mad rush for the door every time I try and open it and I’m so not chasing down a renegade chicken if it comes to that.
But back to the backyard bug. I’m not sure what it is, but it buzzes and likes to ram the back of my head. So my watering only lasts as long as I’m unnoticed by the evil bug. Then I run back inside and slam the door, shaking my hair to ensure he didn’t stow away.

And now I keep finding ants inside. Not a trail of them I could destroy. Just one or two here and there.

Of course none of this happens when Jon is here. So he’s not allowed to leave.

I’m also seriously considering moving all my herbs inside so I can water them without fear and keep them bug free. Jon can be in charge of watering the veggie bed, he has to go out there for the chickens anyway, right?

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1 Response to Attack of the Bugs

  1. Interesting post. Before we had chickens we had lots of bugs and now we have none. My hens have dug out ever and hill they could find, and roam great distances to find grasshoppers.

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