June 2013 Home Tour

I think the idea of progress on the house. And it can be kind of hard to tell what I’ve accomplished because lately it has been in small increments and we’re living with it everyday.

I told Jon the other day that part of me wants to buy everything but just set it aside until I have everything for the room so that I can set it all up at one for a dramatic reveal. Not practical, but it’d be more exciting than doing a little bit at a time.

So what I’m going to do now is take a picture of the house on the first of every month so I have a visual timeline of all the rooms, even if I only made small changes, it’ll be easier to see side by side comparisons.

So the front:
You can see where I started to plant some of the extra plants we have hanging around along the walkway. Jon and I both hate the weird bush/mulch area so I’m hoping the flowers will take over and make it better.

Back yard :
You only get the view going out because first a bug attacked me and then it started pouring rain again, so I’m not going back there. You can see the veggie bed in progress though!


We need a rug. All the shoes track in tons of dirt, hence the vacuum hanging around.

The front room:
I moved the pillows from the couch to the chairs to add some color. And because that room is going to be those colors, not the living room, so it’s time to start shifting some things.

The living room:


We got a rug! I love having it, but at the same time I kind of hate covering up my pretty bamboo floors…

The kitchen:

I got two little kitchen rugs. And a ton of wedding stuff that is taking over the counters while I was it and try to figure out where to put it.

The dining room:


Empty except for some wedding stuff and some things that aren’t ours (the herbs by the back door for a friend and the plastic chairs for Jon’s cousin’s kids.

The office (or wedding storage central):

I have one word: disaster.

The hallway:


I got a cute little rug for the door so we would hopefully not track the construction sawdust and dirt from the chicken projects inside anymore.

The laundry bathroom:

I took down the mirror so I can paint, and I bought a new light that’s living on the toilet currently. But I’m getting to this one next.

The master:




We have one new nightstand and one still unbuilt in the box. We have too much laundry that still needs out away from the honeymoon. And we have a bathroom that’s still unpainted.

The hallway:

Same old, same old.

The guest bathroom: (the one finished room in the house)


Its DONE!! Got some pretty metal flowers for the space above the toilet, hung a cute white and yellow ‘you are my sunshine’ sign above the light switches and I’m not doing anything else!

The guest bedroom:


Pretty much the same place it’s been for a few months.

And the library:


Storage room number 2. Granted a lot of the boxes are books, so obviously can’t unpack those until I get bookcases, but there’s definitely a few things in here that need to find homes.

Everything is still a mess from the wedding gifts, and general wedding chaos… But hopefully this summer will give Jon and I time to finally get new rooms to a mostly finished place. Or at least a place where I won’t have to explain what we want the room to someday be.
And I’m hoping by showing the mess, it’ll motivate me to do something about the mess. At least once the Thank You cards are written!

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