Chickens in the Yard

Now that our wedding and passed and I’m officially a Mrs. Jon and I finally have time to get back to the house and yard projects!

This weekend the big plans were finishing the chicken coop, building and planting a raised vegetable bed, and looking at puppies.
We didn’t quite stick to the list.

We spent Saturday helping Jon’s cousin move into their new house. Fun, but we pretty much spent the whole day out of our house.

So Sunday involved two trips to Home Depot, one to Lowes, one trip to target, a stop to pick up lunch, and a foraging exposition to Jon’s work which netted us some herbs, piping for watering the veggie bed, and an industrial strength tarp material for blocking weeds.
Busy busy busy.

As for projects we actually completed… We finished the pen for the chicken coop, built the frame for the veggies and started digging out the space, and I planted the herbs in little planter pots.
Not quite what we envisioned, but I feel good about it. Especially since we finished the coop in the rain, as it got dark. It was a little anticlimactic, because none of the chickens wanted to come out at that point.

But this morning they seem to enjoy it!
















Tada! Now we just need some siding and paint and it’ll be both cute and functional!

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