Coop, there it is

The chickens officially live in their coop.

It was at the point where we HAD to get them in. They were escaping every time we took the lid off their box and they were dismantling their feeder.

Yes. That is a chicken standing inside the feeder.

So on Sunday afternoon, Jon and I, with help from my mom and my friend Kim, made the coop move-in ready. It’s still not done, but at least it’s habitable.
Mostly this consisted of putting a shingle roof on top.

Adding support for the roof and wood beams across the inside for a perch.

Adding sawdust for comfort.

Putting a temporary lid on the spot we’ll get the eggs from.

Putting chicken wire across the window, and covering the opening that will eventually let them into their fenced yard.

And finally, adding a cute little sign to pretty it up for now!


Then came the obvious part. Adding the chickens. I think the first one was pretty freaked out, but once they were all in there they seemed to settle down and enjoy the extra space.





I think they like it. But I’m not convinced their beady little eyes don’t hide an evil nature.


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