For someone who doesn’t even particularly like birds, I’ve been thinking about them a lot lately.

The chickens are getting bigger. Also, uglier. They can now officially escape when the lid is not on the box so we have to leave it on all the time. This also means they’re extra warm in there, which may or may not play into the escape attempts when the lid is off.

They’re also equal parts terrified and fearless when it comes to hands in the box. They still scatter like you’re going to fry them up. But if you give them a few seconds they will come right over and peck gently at your hand. We probably shouldn’t have hand fed them so much!

They’ll have to deal for a little bit longer until Jon finishes the coop for them. He’s part way there on the wood structure, but I think we’ll have a bit further to go before it’s cute.

The other birds on my mind are the ones in front of my house. I put the bird feeder Jon’s mom got me for Christmas up finally. It’s right on my front window. But so far – no birds. How do you signal to birds that there’s now food someplace there hasn’t been before? Do I just wait?

Birds do hang out on the front tree. So I’m holding out hope they’ll find it. But if wild birds are anything like the chickens (who keep thumping pretty hard against the walls of their box) then maybe I’m expecting too much from them….

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