The Chicken Has Landed

In our case, six actually have landed.

Here’s the setup in the garage. Basically a box with newspaper, a heat lamp, food and water.




Then you add the chicks. (I picked out 5, Jon picked 1. Although I’m sure the people at the feed store were less than impressed with us. Before we even left we asked to trade one because it was bullying the others, and we don’t tolerate that sort of behavior here… The store employees pointed out that it was probably just because they were hungry, but they let us trade them anyway.)



New home!



They’re very cute and fluffy. And very noisy. Poor Jon had the box in his front seat the whole drive home and said they didn’t shut up the whole time.
We’ll see how they’re still doing in the morning.

The other big news for the day: I have given up my California license. It was expiring tomorrow anyway, and I’m way past the 60 day limit to get a NH one, so I went to the DMV this morning and am the proud new owner of a paper NH license. Woo.

This feels like a lot of hits to my identity for one day. Especially the day before I turn 25. Quarter life crisis much?

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1 Response to The Chicken Has Landed

  1. Cindy says:

    You’re a MOMMY! and a good one you will be too!!

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