So this weekend there was a pretty big storm. You might have heard something about it?

Nemo swamped a lot of New England with snow. I have friends who are still stuck in their houses because snow plows are really designed to deal with 30+ inches of snow. They have to bring out more construction type equipment to deal with some of the snow in places like Connecticut.

We, on the other hand, pretty much just enjoyed the storm.

Jon had Friday off so we spent the day unpacking, cleaning, and watching tv. Not needing to leave the house definitely added to the lack of stress.

Saturday we did more unpacking and tv watching with some playing in the snow thrown in. I don’t think it has snowed this much at one time anywhere I’ve lived since I moved out from California.

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make a two foot deep snow angel now could I? The snow was just so fluffy, and at least two feet deep everywhere. So that was fun!

We got lucky and didn’t even lose power. So all in all, I enjoyed the storm!

You can’t see the snow falling here, but this is about what we had mid-day Friday. It didn’t get heavy until later.

Friday night view of snow piled on the railing out the back door.

Saturday morning!
Here’s the snow piled on our garage roof out our bedroom window.

The front street out our bedroom window.

Out the back door.


Out our front door. (There are three steps down to the walkway under there)

My car!


Jon plowing the driveway. Yes it’s to his knees!

The snow on the garage roof.

Our house.

My snow angel!


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1 Response to Nemo

  1. salpal1 says:

    it is a lot more fun when you are safe and warm, isn’t it? We were lucky here in Maine, too – lots of fun, not much agony.

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