Motion Lights at Midnight

We have a motion sensor light on our garage. This is nice when you have to go outside for some reason at night.


This is a problem because the light shines into the master bedroom windows and if I’m not fully asleep Im immediately awake and listening for the slightest noise. Like last night.

It’s windy out. We’re also surrounded by woods, and in a safe neighborhood. So I know that it’s 99.9 percent likely to just be something blowing by or some poor animal that just got the bejesus scared out if it.

But of course I don’t hear hoof beats and think horses. Or even zebras. I hear hoof beats and think INTRUDER! (Thanks mom)

Luckily Jon slept through my little drama. So he didn’t see me get up to go look out the windows for suspicious activity. Or stay awake long past the lights going off (just in case the intruder was also waiting to make his move).

It was nothing, or at least nothing else happened.

But I’m not sure I appreciate having the motion sensor so close to the woods.

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