Adventures of a Washing Machine

My washer and dryer sing a song when the load is done.


I can’t really explain how happy that makes me. Mostly because I’m not sure why. But I definitely go into the laundry room with a smile on my face, which isn’t a bad way to do laundry.

We used the washer for the first time last night. It was…. An adventure.

We bought a high efficiency washer. apparently its so high efficiency that you can’t actually tell its washing your clothes. There’s no water! (At least that you can see)

So I put a load in. Started it. Looked at Jon because it was moving but there was no water. I’m not even sure how long we spent turning it off, checking the water to make sure it was turned on, restating it and still being confused as to the lack of water.

Eventually I read enough of the instruction manual to each the part where they say you won’t be able to see the water in the cycle (shouldn’t that be in the beginning? Or on the box or something? Who actually reads the whole instruction manual. Well me, mostly because I thought my new washer was broken.)

Finally Jon decided to put it on the quick wash cycle that’s supposed to be for 2-3 items… Even though we had a full load in there. I was afraid even if it was working it wouldn’t seem like it since we had more than the recommended amount, but 15 minutes later we had wet clothes! (At that point I couldn’t really call them clean because I’m assuming the detergent I put in to start with was long gone.)

But after all that annoyance it sang a little song that we could hear from the living room, and that definitely lifted my mood.

Luckily the dryer worked like a normal dryer.

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