Move-In Day

We survived move-in day!

Saturday was the big day….. And big it was. It took three trips in an industrial van to get it all to the house, but its here.

The first load wasn’t a full load, just a bunch of the furniture and bigger items so that Jon’s brother could help carry it in before he headed off to work. The second load was PACKED. The third load was just some random leftovers that we couldn’t fit in the second load.
When we went to pick up the third load, we left Jon’s mom and grandma at the house cleaning the dirty stuff so I felt comfortable having it in my house. And then his mom spent at least 2 hours scrubbing our shower so it would be clean for us that night.

It’s amazing how much dirt some people are willing to live with.
Some of it I understand, like kitchen shelves and drawers – stuff just collects in there from use and unless you pull everything out you don’t even realize how gross it is in there. But the sticky spots all over the cabinets and cat hair stuck everywhere grosses me out.

So basically I really smell like Lysol all the time.

Packing up our room at Jon’s parents. We didn’t go into this moved very well organized.


The third load in the van.


Chaos in the office.


Construction in the dining room and boxes in the kitchen.


Close up of the kitchen.


Bedroom mess. After Jon organized! When moving the drawers were everywhere and there wasn’t even room to walk.


Library. This is actually the same mess as before. I didn’t unpack anything since there was nowhere for it to go while they were working.


Guest room. Needs a little work before our first guest!


Look, the living room looks like a real room! And I have cable!!



Other side of the living room (the side that looks less like a room).


Brand new toilets!


And the worst… The master closet! It’s stuffed full


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