Little Detail, Big Kitchen Change

So the kitchen.

It’s pretty ugly.

The counters are pink. The floors were pink, although thankfully they aren’t anymore. The cabinets are like this off white color that I’m not super fond off. And all the doors are crooked and some of the shelves are warped.

And the knobs. Don’t get me started on the mismatched, peeling gold, floral enamel knobs.


They’re pretty unfortunate.


But thanks to two Targets and three boxes of cheap inexpensive silver pulls the kitchen is already looking way better!



It’s pretty amazing how such a little detail can change so much.


And okay, I can’t lie. It’s wasn’t a total win because I just used knobs instead of getting drawer pulls, since we only have 3 large drawers that needed them and I wasn’t sure of the exact size. So the three drawers do look a little odd. But not enough for me to care. At least for now.

If once we move in they’re making the drawers hard to use I’ll change them. Otherwise we can stick it out until we replace the cabinets and overhaul the kitchen.



I’m happy with my accomplishment for the day.

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1 Response to Little Detail, Big Kitchen Change

  1. Such a little change but such a big difference! Nice choice. Looking forward to what’s next.

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