Hard Grass

That title makes me feel like this post should be about the yard. But since any grass we might own is currently buried under several inches of snow from yesterday, it’s not.

No, this post is about my new flooring! Or at least what I have of it.

Tuesday they finished reinstalling the back steps after repairing the water damage around the (now) new back door. (Which was freezing btw. I really didn’t think through what I wore on monday, not realizing i was going to have a giant hole in my back wall all day long. I spent all day freezing! Luckily Tuesday required minimal work with the door open.) But then they started the flooring!


Yeah, giant hole. And yes, that is snow outside.



This was very dramatic at the time, although looking back it’s much less of a big deal than I was prepared to make it.
Poor Jon probably thought we weren’t going to have floors with how I kept texting him dire things.

But basically the floor has to be nailed, not stapled and our contractor didn’t own a nail gun until Tuesday afternoon. So now he has a new tool and our floors go in much faster.

The other dramatic part is that usually with hardwood, the end piece next to the wall usually gets held down with a few nails going straight down along the edge next to the wall, since the wall obviously prevents the regular gun from being used from the side. Our floors are too hard. The nail just bends. They have to drill a little hole and then nail it in which takes a little longer as well. There might also be some glue involved for added security, but I’m not clear on that.

And, this part isn’t dramatic so much as amusing, I now know all my smoke alarms work! The flooring is so hard that when cutting it, the blade works so hard that it actually burns the wood a little bit.

Too hard to nail, so hard it burns… They did tell us that the way the bamboo is treated makes it harder than wood but this was a little more than I was anticipating!

But both Jon and I feel confident having it for our flooring. I’m petty sure if we dropped a can on it, the can would dent. We both also LOVE the bamboo. I knew I was going to like it when we picked it, because I know my tastes well enough that I don’t often end up not likening my picks. I was a little worried that Jon wouldn’t like it once it was in, but luckily he loves it too. It really does look so great! The color and the grain in the bamboo is so interesting and elegant looking (is grain even the right word? Does bamboo have a grain since it’s really just strands of bamboo fibers?) without being too unusual that its weird. Hopefully you agree!

So Thursday the contractors had to go spend the day at another job, which worked out because that was when I had scheduled the carpet to be installed upstairs.

At 7am.

That’s not when I scheduled them, that’s when they said they’d be coming in the phone call I received Wednesday night. So I show up at the house just before 7 to wait. There was an accident on the freeway so they didn’t get there until closer to 8:30. But the guy must have been worried I’d be upset because he kept calling me to tell he’d be there soon and that he was still stuck in traffic.

But the carpet looks great! And the upstairs looks like a real house. I may have spent Friday sitting upstairs on my new carpet working on non house painting things.





Luckily the carpet goes great with all the wall colors!



Beautiful wood!



Snooping on Tuesday.


Tuesday progress.



Wednesday progress got most of the kitchen, dining room, and garage hallway finished.



I didn’t take pictures, but the Friday progress got the office finished and the hallway to the front door almost done, and the living room started. So we just have the living room and sitting room and some finishing work in the hallways!

But so Friday after work Jon and I took a work van and started moving some boxes of stuff from his parents house. Obviously we couldn’t move too much, because we’re still living there for another week or two, but the extra stuff we were storing in his brother’s room and the spare room got moved!
Then Saturday morning we moved a ton of stuff over from the creepy house we’re storing it in. It’s a relief for me to have some of the stuff over in our new house where I’m not afraid to go near it. We didn’t move everything, and none of our furniture since the downstairs isn’t done and we don’t want to move it twice. But a very large van full of stuff now takes up most of my library (including all of my boxes of books which makes me want to jump up ad down clapping).

Our floors should take another day to a day and a half, according to the contractor. Then we just have the stairs and me doing some touch up painting (and finishing painting and scrubbing the construction dirt off) in the kitchen standing between us and living in our new house!

I guess it’s about time for me to start changing all my addresses again, isn’t it? I hate that.

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    Is there any way you can remove me from that service?
    Many thanks!

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