I (Sometimes) Like Home Improvement

It probably would have been smarter to start small.

It’s a little too late for that now, but good to note for next time.

I enjoy working on the house. To a point.

Knowing that it looks great because of something I did is a great feeling. But in retrospect, painting the whole house was probably a bit much to take on as my very first project.
The upstairs wasn’t so bad… Having defined rooms made it easy to judge how far along I was. But downstairs it’s all open to each other, and two areas have higher ceilings than I can paint which also messes with my head.

For added pressure, the contractor come by on Friday to start prepping the floors and brought over the new back door. Which meant they were working all day and kicking up tons of dust, so I got less than a quarter of what I wanted done.
Then Saturday Jon and I went to pick out new toilets, pick up the wood for our floors (which ended up taking two trips because it weighed more than we expected), and spent almost the entire rest of the day picking up the gigantic mess all over the house from the tile and plywood.

I really, really wanted to have almost everything painted this weekend, so that when the contractor comes back on today we’re prepared for whatever he wants to work on. That’s not happening.

Here’s where we were at Sunday night:
Everything is primed except for the two hall closets that need a second coat.
All the ceilings are painted.
We’ve got at least one coat of wall paint on the entire downstairs, except for around the kitchen cabinets which ill have to do by hand, mostly standing on the counters. (My kitchen is going to need some major scrubbing before we move in.) We do have two coats on the dinning room, which is where the contractor is starting, the garage hallway and in the two-story entry, which requires two people to do and one of those people needs to be comfortable dangling precariously 15 or so feet in the air and painting, which I am not.

So that still leaves me with needing to put a second coat in the sitting room, living room, front hallway, doing the kitchen, painting the office, and sealing the floors where there are questionable looking stains to make sure there’s no lingering cat smell.

And Jon thinks I’m overreacting about not having enough done. He’s smart enough not to say that directly, but we both know he’s thinking it.

I’m sure we’re prepared enough to get by…. But I prefer to be over prepared.


Huge mess we got to clean up.


Painting the ceiling.


We’ve got flooring!


All clean!



Clean + old back door.


Some of the kitchen taken apart.


Haven’t you heard? Bathrooms are the new storage.

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1 Response to I (Sometimes) Like Home Improvement

  1. Cindy B says:

    It looks AWESOME! You are doing a fantastic job and you are going to be so cozy and happy in your wonderful new home!

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