Rough Day

Usually I have great balance.

This was not the case Tuesday.

Thanks to the tile removal project, our floors (or lack thereof) were covered in piles of tile shards.



I’ve been working around the mess trying to paint, and besides slipping a little bit occasionally while walking and trying to balance a ladder on piles of debris, it’s not a big deal.


In one day I managed to not only slip and fall on my butt twice, I managed to fall down the stairs and break a paint roller.

It was only like two steps on the stairs. I was looking up to paint the wall, and thought I was on the last step when I wasn’t. And falling on the tile had the upside that since the tile kept shifting I didn’t land nearly as hard as I would have on solid ground.

I have no story or excuse for the roller. It just snapped. Clearly one of those days.


But I haven’t fallen since.

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1 Response to Rough Day

  1. Cindy B says:

    Be extra careful please! Working alone means if you do fall and it was serious, you could be there hours before someone came to find you. And yes, someone I worked with lost her father because he fell off a ladder, got a concussion, and later died because he laid there for almost a day. I know, I know but be careful anyway.

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