Setting Goals

I have to set goals for myself while I’m working alone in the house all day…. Otherwise I start going slower, taking breaks (to write blog posts occasionally), and generally not getting as much done as I wanted to that day.

As I’m my own boss currently this is mainly only a problem because I can be hard on myself, and because there is a (self-imposed) sense of “I have to get all this done so Jon and anyone else can have concrete evidence that I was working hard today too.” It only seems fair that I work super hard on the house because Jon has to be at work all day and then come help me here.

Occasionally my goals are unrealistic. Usually involving edge/trim work because it involves my little brush and going slowly by hand and therefore takes much longer than I feel it should. But occasionally it makes me get more done than I anticipated.

This morning, for example. I’m on to painting all the downstairs ceilings – which I hate and therefor and more likely to slow down and/or procrastinate (case in point) – so I told myself I wasn’t allowed to stop until the entire office ceiling was done with the second coat so I could call the office finished. I thought it’d take me awhile so I reasoned that when I was done, it’d be about 1 and also time for a lunch break.

Well by about noon I really had to go to the bathroom – we no toilets – which was enough motivation to paint faster and I finished by 1230! That I wasn’t super hungry for lunch yet was entirely irrelevant.

Luckily Jon stopped at the store on his way to the house tonight and got a new wax ring kit so we could reinstall one of the toilets until we get new ones. So now I’m covered for the rest of the week!

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One Response to Setting Goals

  1. Cindy says:

    Wow! Jon got you a diamond ring AND a wax ring! Lucky Girl!

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