Toilet Free and Onto The Downstairs

We have no toilets.

Okay, we have three toilets, but none of them are actually in a bathroom anymore.

We picked up the chisel/jackhammer Friday night so that this weekend we could tackle removing all the ugly pink tile over the weekend. It was pretty much as bad as we thought it would be. And by that I mean poor Jon had a terrible time doing it while I did other things.

So now most of the house is covered in dust and tile shards, but its no longer attached to our floors!

The catch was that we figured while we had the machine we should take out all the bathroom tiles as well, since renting the machine and making a mess didn’t seem like the best idea once we’ve installed all our new flooring. So to get it all out, we had to take out the toilets. But since we had them all taken apart we decided to just replace them, because they really sucked. Like really really.

So that was Sunday afternoon. And the house is toilet-free.

Besides that, we’ve bought the wood for all the downstairs flooring, leaving just the staircase treads to figure out.
We’ve scheduled the carpet installation (next week).

The three upstairs bedrooms and hallway are painted – the bathrooms will come later.

So now I’m on to painting downstairs. Between yesterday and my partial day today I have most of the walls primed. Jon wants to paint all the downstairs ceilings too though, which means I’m totally asking at Lowe’s about a paint sprayer because ceiling painting sucks.

Tomorrow we’re also supposed to go pick out toilets and I’m going to also look at Lowe’s for some hopefully not terrible linoleum that will be our stand-in bathroom flooring until we have the time/energy/money to redo the bathrooms.

Since apparently I didn’t win the ultimate kitchen and bath giveaway from DIY network.

I’m really bummed about that. Being able to not only redo those, but to be able to just have someone else do all the work was a lovely reoccurring fantasy I’ve been having the last few weeks.





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