White on White on White

Jon and I are back from our week break for Christmas. I needed it. My hands were so sore they kept cramping from holding the paint brushes and rollers.

The weather for Jon’s first California Christmas wasn’t ideal, but even the low for the night was higher than the high in New Hampshire. We also got to miss some more snowfall and one of our new neighbors plowed the driveway for us! I definitely think I’m going to like our neighborhood.

But now we’re back into the swing of things. We’re almost done painting the upstairs, just the trim left now that I’ve finished the closet (today’s project along with ordering the upstairs carpet, setting up the installation of the washer and dryer still sitting in my garage, and getting the downstairs measured so we can order the wood for downstairs).

But in regards to today:

I’m getting to be an expert painter. I don’t even mind it for the most part.
Except for when its white. On white. On white.


Which is what I just finished doing in the master closet. It was white to start. Sort of. But white-ish at least. Then two coats of white primer. White ceiling paint. White wall color. White trim.
It’s one thing when you can see what you’re accomplishing, like putting primer over a color and a color over that primer. But really? White on white on white is maddening. You can’t tell what you’ve done because it all practically the same color and yet…. Somehow you can’t quite seem to get full even coverage!

Okay I’m pretty sure the last part is a combination of my perfectionism/OCD and putting semi-gloss paint on a less than perfect wall so every imperfection is magnified by the poor lighting into a million shadows that look like I need another coat of paint.

But still, I’m exceptionally glad I’m done with the only white room in the house and I can get back to putting color on walls and white only on trim. Most of which is this weird tan/beige color so its satisfying to cover.

So tomorrow it’s on to the rest of the upstairs trim and then working my way downstairs!

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