Picking Paints

Here’s a sneak preview of the three upstairs bedroom colors!

Paint colors are tricky. Some colors were easy to pick out and we loved right away. Others have been trickier and the color I thought I loved I ended up hating.

For our bedroom I wanted to do a light gray with a light blue undertone. I picked up two samples from Home Depot and Jon and I both immediately loved one of the colors so I bought the paint. We just committed right away. And luckily we loved it even more once we had it on the walls.


The guest bedroom color was one of the few rooms I didn’t have a plan in mind for. The color we settled on was actually one I had picked up for the downstairs that Jon and I both liked, but were worried it would be too dark to put everywhere. So I tossed out just using it in the guest room since it was a neutral and we didn’t have any other ideas. So again we just committed and luckily I loved it on the walls. (Apparently Jon’s brother isn’t such a fan, but its not his room and he won’t be living there so…)

The library I knew I wanted gray with white bookshelves and bright colored accents. I pretty quickly narrowed it down to two colors, two shades from the same card. I was torn because I really liked the darker color, but if I’m trying to prevent repainting in the future doing the lighter shade would make sense since its the room that will (way way) down the road become a nursery.
But I’m more than a little crazy anyway, so I can only imagine that when I’m nesting that I’m going to repaint anyway. So dark gray it is! (This isn’t a good representation of the color, we really need a better light for this room. It creates a lot of shadows in all the corners – not ideal for reading!)

Then there is the entire downstairs. It’s all open and I don’t even really have any good corners to split up colors, so I want it all one color. I actually wanted a light gray, Jon really wanted a cream. We picked two colors we both really liked and, thankfully, got samples instead of just committing. Because we hated them both. So that left me back at the Home Depot trying to pick a color lighter than the last two, but not so light that you couldn’t tell it was a color.

I decided to just give up on the light gray, since I think I’m getting my way with the flooring and I couldn’t decide on a lighter gray that I liked. All the ones I was leaning towards were just as dark as the one we didn’t like. So now we have a color for downstairs, we just need like 10 gallons of it so we can cover everything downstairs. Actually the only real part I’m not looking forward to downstairs is figuring out how to do the two story entry and the vaulted ceiling in the front room.

Because really, the two step ladder I have been using is really as high as I’m comfortable going.

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