One Week of Homeownership

I started this post with the intent to post it Saturday night. Obviously that didn’t happen, but here it is a little late.

It’s the end of the first week of owning my own home!

Well, close enough. We didn’t actually take possession of the house until Monday at 3pm, but to me the week always ends on Saturday. So I thought this would be a good time/place to go over everything we got done this week and to give you an idea of everything we still want to do.

This is what the house looked like when we got it.


Jon’s brother was smart enough to take some pictures (I was much to excited and running around to be that logical). But they’re still on his camera so here are some after we started a bit of the work. I’ll do a whole-house tour later, hopefully.

Here are the 3 bedrooms upstairs: The green room will be the guest room, the middle room will be my library, and the far room is the master minus the icky carpeting.

20121217-203706.jpg   20121217-203715.jpg   20121217-203737.jpg

The weird wall they built in the basement that basically just blocked all access to the electrical box. (I took most of it down myself!)


What we did this week:
-rip up all the carpet, both upstairs, on the stairs, and downstairs
-take up all the tack board and staples from the flooring
-rip up the wood floors from the upstairs bedroom
-pull out all the nails from the walls
-spackel all the holes upstairs (3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a hallway)
-sand the spackel upstairs
-lightly sand the walls and wipe walls with damp cloth so it’s ready to paint
-paint two coats of primer in the 3 bedrooms, 3 closets, and on the 3 ceilings
-start painting one of the bedrooms (the library)

So this is where we are now.

Here’s the downstairs living area with the carpet ripped out (and two colors we were considering for the walls)


The ripped up stairwell – directly behind me here is the master doorway, and the little opening you can see at the bottom is into the room with the fireplace.


Here’s the library mid-carpet removal and the partially painted library.

20121217-203639.jpg  20121217-203510.jpg  20121217-203530.jpg

The master all white and primed, ready for painting the ceiling and walls.


The guest room, no longer green and minus the wood floors.

20121217-203648.jpg   20121217-203618.jpg

Wood removal process (I stopped here because there was wood with spider webs on it behind the bottom part of the wall and that’s not in my job description).  We wanted the wood down anyway, but we had to take it down this weekend so that the company installing our radon water mitigation system could reach everything!


And here it is now! We got some snow on Sunday and I couldn’t resist!


We still have a long way to go. We want to install carpet in the upstairs and wood throughout downstairs, but not until we have all the painting done. That also means all the lovely pink tile has to come out and that’s going to take a while. Then there’s the radon in the water which we’re taking care of on Monday.

Then way off on the list will be eventually redoing the kitchen and bathrooms.

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