The Turtle

This little invention is the greatest thing ever. At least this week. I’m not quite sure I could have gotten through this week of priming the upstairs without it.
I started priming yesterday after spending the day spackeling all the wholes in the walls, sanding, and wiping the walls off with a damp cloth. It was a busy day.

But while I’m painting along the baseboard in the first room, I realized my legs where over this already. So I texted Jon and asked him to bring me a turtle. He laughed and I had to say, ‘no really….’

This is what he brought me. They use them at the greenhouse and just roll along working. Which is exactly what I did. Paint some, roll to the next section, repeat.

I have no idea what they’re really supposed to be called, but turtle is pretty accurate.

After spending 12+ hours at the house working yesterday I was so sore that moving in my sleep kept waking me up because it hurt so much.

I put in another solid day working today and all three bedrooms are pretty much ready to be painted with the final color, so our first stop tomorrow is Home Depot to order the carpeting and buy the paint!

We actually have a lot on the agenda for tomorrow, so hopefully I’m at least a little less sore because I don’t know how much I’m going to be able to get done like this!

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One Response to The Turtle

  1. JSolomon says:

    Wait, so that contraption holds paint and follows you? GENIUS.

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