New House!

So today I signed over the next 30 or so years of my life. Jon and I are officially homeowners!


We had the final walk through of the house at 12:30, and then went straight to the title office to do the closing at 1pm. They warned us it would take an hour. At 2:45pm we finally escaped with our keys. Sadly the longest part of the process was waiting for the funds to transfer from our bank to the title office so they could give the check to the seller. Which meant Jon and I spent an hour making awkward small talk with the seller and her friend. Luckily he was a friendly, chatty guy because the seller was not.

The most awkward part was when the seller agent asked us when we were going to move in and if we were going to change anything. I mean, what’s the nice way of saying you hate what she did to the house so you’re ripping everything out before you’ll move in. So I just made some comment about fixing the water (the house has radon in the water) and doing some painting before we move in and changed the subject.

But in the end everything worked out and we got it! We came back to Jon’s parents house to change and get our cleaning and painting supplies and went over to check it out with a few of his family members.

After looking around, Jon and his mom went off to donate blood and his cousin and I started cleaning the cabinets. Sadly the whole house is going to need a good scrubbing before I’ll be okay moving anything in. It’s not super dirty, but it seems like there’s a slight layer of grime on every surface.

Jon and his mom brought back some KFC and chocolate cake so we had a little celebratory dinner sitting in what will be the dining room on the floor.

I’ll be going back tomorrow to see if Jon really did figure out how to reprogram the thermostat and to start prepping the upstairs to prime and paint the walls. Wednesday Home Depot is coming to measure upstairs for carpet, which should be in within 72 hours, so I want to have the upstairs all painted before we put in new carpet.

All in all, I’m wicked excited (look how New England I sound!) and can’t wait to get started. Although I’m sure ill be singing a different tune after I get a few hours of painting done!

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2 Responses to New House!

  1. Cindy says:

    Congratulations you home owner you! You will have a fun time painting everything and making it exactly what you want! Does this mean you can get mail there now?

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