Onto the Fun Wedding Details

Now that we have the date and (two) venues picked out it is onto the fun details. Sort of.

I finally saw the ceremony location in person. Luckily I love it too since we’ve already put the deposit in on it.

Now that I’ve seen it in person I’m hoping it’ll help me decide what I want to do there, especially with the flowers since I have an ‘in’ there and need to pick out what and how much I want grown for me.

I’ve also been dress shopping once (3 stores in one day is a lot more than it sounds like! I couldn’t believe how exhausted I was by the end), trying on 30+ dresses. We’re also starting to wrap up the guest list details so we can get the save the date out soon.

I’ve discovered the downside to actually planning the details for my wedding is that now the fantasy is over. I can’t just keep picking out every thing I like – I have to actually narrow down my options and be realistic. I can see the appeal to planning other people’s weddings. You get to do all kinds of awesome things that you couldn’t do in your own. It’s hard to decide what I have to rule out because it doesn’t fit with the theme (or budget).

I also am having a love-hate relationship with Pinterest right now. I am getting so many awesome ideas I never would have thought of on my own from the site, but at the same time it is giving me SO MANY ideas to think about now that I wouldn’t have to deal with otherwise.

It’s also really nice to have a place I can save links to for reference and be able to go back to them easily. But at the same time, now people can look at my board and not be surprised by details when they get to my wedding. I really wish Pinterest would hurry up and get on making a private boards feature so I could secretly pin things and AFTER the wedding make it public.

The next 3 things on my still vast to-do list are: finalize guest list, pick the caterer, and do the save the dates. And the dress of course!

How do you decide on a caterer? Obviously I can’t just make them all feed me and judge them that way. And there isn’t really a food I’m set on having, so looking at what they could make doesn’t really help. I think they’re all priced pretty similarly too, although obviously that plays into it.

The upside is there is a caterer Jon’s family uses all the time for work, so while we can’t really use her (without a huge fee from the site) she is super nice and is more than willing to help us make sure everything looks right, and give us the ‘insider’ wording to use. She should be a lot of help making sure we’re not paying for things that we don’t need out of ignorance.

On an excitement scale for the wedding planning: I’m probably still at an 8. Annoyed with some of the stress over the big details, but mostly still really excited with everything!

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One Response to Onto the Fun Wedding Details

  1. Cindy says:

    I can’t wait to see the real dress you pick – you will be beautiful whether it is custom made or off the rack, as you have a figure that enhances both! But no one else can know! SHHHhhhh! Lol!

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