The Trouble with Plans

I hate when I go to the trouble of planning things out, and then they don’t go as planned.
I was planning on buying a bunch of stuff so that I could finally be done with all of the main things I want to finish in the apartment.
But now I have dental work to pay for on top of saving to take a trip to Europe.
I’ve also been doing a poor job of going back to the gym, since I havent been yet this year. My friend and I picked out a series of classes that worked for both of us, so we even have options to keep us from getting bored. But she had a chiropractor appointment on Monday, and physical therapy on Tuesday. I had a hair appointment yesterday, and she has physical therapy again today.
I haven’t posted since my resolutions – although that was only a few days ago, so I won’t call that one a complete failure.
I finally know what I want to buy for the book situation in the guest room, the walls in my room, AND the wall in the bathroom and now I am trying to do the adult thing and wait since I have to pay for the dental stuff and have no idea what that’ll cost plus saving for traveling.
I mean, really it’s my own fault for not going to the dentist for so long – and for not doing something about my teeth grinding since that might be part of the problem. (Jon if you say a single word I will smack you!)
But still it’s less than fun not getting to do what I want after going to all that work to plan it out!

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2 Responses to The Trouble with Plans

  1. Jess says:

    ugh. i hate being grown up and having to save and pay bills! it’s awful. and i COMPLETELY understand the frustrations with wanting to buy stuff to fill in the apartment. matt and i spent way too much in January because I was obviously overly excited about finding the exact furniture i wanted to use. so now, in February, I’m not allowed to go shopping at all. Which is more than fine because my time is pretty much being spent alternating between Panera and the Berlin Public Library (which is surprisingly cute). Good to see you blogging again, it makes me feel a little more connected!!! love you!!

  2. Cindy says:

    Heard you had a great vacation and amazing life developments – looking forward to new posts!

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