2012 Resolutions

A lot has happened in the last year. I settled in here in Ohio. I made friends. I got a job. I registered my car here – even if I haven’t gotten my new licence yet. I traveled a little bit. I even made new year’s resolutions last year, which I don’t usually bother with, and kept with 2 of them for longer than I thought I would. I actually managed to accomplish the third (since it was to find a job). The gym and the blogging both fell off eventually – but I stayed with both longer than I ever have in the past! So it’s an improvement either way.

But new year – new me, right? So I guess it’s time to set a few more goals again. Even if I’m late already.

1. Get back on the blogging train. Even if I think there is nothing exciting going on in my life. If nothing else I’ll just talk about all the awesome stuff I’ve found on pinterest! Plenty of post ideas there.

2. Get back to the gym. I have a gym buddy – not that it worked out so well for either of us after Vegas – but we’ve set a schedule with alternate classes even so we wont get bored.

3. Finish decorating the apartment. I’m pretty happy with most of the rooms, so there aren’t many big things to do. Mostly my walls are still empty and I want my books out of the boxes.

4. Travel! This one is just for fun. I want to do fun things and not just sit in my apartment all the time. I want to get out in Ohio as well as other places. (Also, getting out of Ohio might help keep me from killing Ohio drivers. This is becoming more and more of a struggle.)

So here we go. Saturday January 7th. Back on the blogging track. Monday will be back at the gym, and I’m supposed to go ice skating later today.

Lets go!

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