Eggplant Parm

I really felt the need to let everyone know that I made a second attempt at eggplant parm.

Although is it really eggplant parm if there is no parmesan cheese involved? Because I used a mild cheddar. It was really good though, if you don’t count the minor mishap with the oil. I apparently didn’t watch the oil enough because I put the first piece in and it immediately burned to a crisp. Whoops.

But I adjusted the temperature and the rest of it came out great. Jon even liked it and he hadn’t tried it before.

In other news, last week Jon’s cousin was in the area on business and so came over for dinner. I marinated a large steak for Jon to grill in a marinade we got at the apple orchard we went to two weekends ago. Jon and his cousin did a great job of cooking it, but the entire time they kept exclaiming how huge the steak was…

It really wasn’t that big. But it was funny how impressed they were. Clearly neither has ever really shop in the meat department at Costco, because it was significantly smaller than anything they’d find there.

Then Saturday we went to baby shower number two for Jon’s cousin’s wife. Her family is from Ohio, not to far from us, so Jon went and hung out with the boys while I did the baby shower thing. Her family is really great, and even asked us what we were doing for Thanksgiving with the intent of inviting us for theirs if we weren’t going home. Super sweet.

Sunday we didn’t do too much other than go out to eat for lunch/dinner so we could watch the football games (go Chargers!).

And now this coming weekend Jon’s mom is coming to visit! So more busyness and excitement ahead!

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1 Response to Eggplant Parm

  1. Cindy says:

    It is NOVEMBER! Almost the END of NOVEMBER! Just sayin…….

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