First Houseguest (Sort of)

So because I am still being a terrible blogger, even after my resolution to be better because I have so much to write about (clearly tempting fate was a poor choice) I am going to back track to the week after the wedding.

Jess came to visit me!

Okay, not so much ‘came to visit me’ as she needed to drive from California to Connecticut with her dad and Ohio is on the way so I made her promise to come visit me. Or something like that. There may have been threats involved but the memory is a little fuzzy.

She was sort of my first houseguest. I’ve had a few Ohio friends stay the night because they didn’t feel like driving all the way home after a night at the bar, but those were mostly unplanned. She’s the first person who actually came with the sole intent to sleep here.

It was a short visit that mostly involved her and I talking a lot and her dad and Jon being stuck along for the trip down memory lane so I don’t exactly have a lot to say about it.

They drove a ridiculously long day to get to my place at around 7pm on Wednesday. I was less prepared than I should have been (I’m blaming it on being out-of-town the two weekends prior. I’m not sure if that’s a valid excuse for having zero food in the apartment and having to go grocery shopping after work so I’d have something to feed them, and also not really having cleaned very well.) But I hurried home from the store to put it all away, start making dinner, and making Jon blow up the air mattress.

I probably also should have just called her and asked about cooking eggplant, because while I’ve eaten it numerous times I’ve never prepared it. So she shows up and I have half-made and really pathetic looking eggplant parm for dinner (since she’s vegetarian). It tasted fine, but was essentially just eggplant with sauce and cheese, no breading.

We pretty much just stayed up late telling stories and hanging out.

And to pretend like me being so late on this was planned, I’ll tie it in with what’s going on this week. Tomorrow Jon’s cousin is coming over for dinner and it’s my second dinner guest! (Usually we go out).

Tonight though I’m getting my hair done!

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One Response to First Houseguest (Sort of)

  1. Jess says:

    it was yummy eggplant dont worry!!!

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