Alumni Picnic

I went to Connecticut this last weekend. Jon was going to a football fame with his dad and my sorority was having our annual alumni picnic.

The short version? I drove 16 hours to spend 24ish with my friends.

Totally worth it.

I got up early Saturday morning and made the 8hour drive, hoping to get there in time to see Erin. But she ended up having to leave to babysit about the time I would be getting  there and Jess was babysitting until 5:30pm.

So instead I went to Target knowing I could easily kill an hour or so there – which I did. I picked up some awesome things though, including some of my favorite Halloween movies I have been wanting to watch really badly. (Why is it that I LOVE crappy holiday themed movies?)

But anyway, then I got to tour Jess’s new place, meet her roommate, and get first glance at her new furniture. She’d been there a week and already took control from the boyfriend and roommate by getting a dining room table, bar stools, and a dresser for her bedroom.

We hung out catching up for a bit before getting ready and meeting another friend out for dinner. Ironically, it was restaurant week there too. I seem to have a knack for going places during restaurant week, not that I’m complaining.

After dinner we met a bunch of our sorority sisters out at a bar (everyone over 21 of course) so all the alumni could catch up. It was super hot Saturday night, which I was very unprepared for considering how cold it had been in Ohio lately. I just assumed that since all the rainy weather we’d been having was moving that way the cold temperature would as well.

Erin met up with us out at the bar after she finished babysitting, so I got the chance to see her and catch up too. We ended up staying at the bar just talking and hanging out with everyone we hadn’t seen in a while.

Sunday we got up and headed to campus for the picnic. It was very strange driving through town and pulling into the parking lot. It was even weirder seeing all of the active girls – most of whom I have never seen before and have no clue who they are.

I pretty much spent the few hours there talking to the other alumni and the girls from my family tree. Eventually we decided to leave and head to Kumo, which is a sushi place near campus. Our family does family dinners there usually.

Eventually though, we’d finished eating and I had to start the drive home. The drive itself isn’t bad. It doesn’t feel like 8hours while you’re doing it. The only annoying part is that there isn’t a convenient time frame to cut 8hours out of your life.

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