Wedding and a Baby Girl

To keep up the ridiculous momentum that is my life, I didn’t spend the weekend after Vegas catching up on sleep. Even when I started getting sick halfway through the week.

(If you go to work half asleep on Tuesday and have a flight Friday night… which day is the halfway point anyway?)

We had already booked our flight to New Hampshire. Jon’s uncle was getting married.  And since everyone would be there anyway, they also had the baby shower for his cousin’s expecting wife.

So we got to the airport for our 7pm flight to Chicago… yeah, we flew west to fly east. Didn’t make that much sense to us either but it’s what was available. But basically it was another late night and early morning (mostly for Jon) getting up to help set up the finishing touches for the wedding.

The backyard and rustic barn wedding is really cute. It makes for great pictures. But it’s not really the style I want for my wedding. That and I would be freaking out if I knew Jon was setting up our wedding and still getting ready the morning (and afternoon….) of. I would have to give him explicitly detailed instructions and probably either hand drawn pictures and diagrams of how it should look, or I’d set it all up a week or two in advance and take pictures for reference. Or both. My OCD knows no bounds.

But back to the actual wedding. It was very pretty, the weather was perfect, and the food was awesome. It was the same caterer the family has used several times over the last few years, starting with Jon’s cousins wedding in their backyard.

After the bride and groom departed the party wound down…. Until the DJ started to pack it up and Jon’s dad paid him to stay another hour for us!

Sunday morning I got up and got ready to go with Jon’s mom and grandma to his cousin’s
baby shower. It was so cute – they revealed the gender of the baby via dessert. Cute little cupcakes baked in pink or blue so you peeled away the wrapper the color was revealed. Jon’s grandma got to be the one to find out. She peeled back the cupcake wrapper and said “It’s pink so it’s a girl. . . . . Oh! Is it really!?!” (background: Jon’s aunt is the only girl in the family. Or was. So this was a big deal)

Everything was lovely and we had a great time seeing all of his family. Until it was time to go. We thought our flight was at 7, so we needed to leave for the airport around 5. At about 430 I get a text from Southwest saying our flight was delayed to 6:55pm…. Which clearly makes no sense if you have a 7pm flight.

Turns out our flight was at 5. The only upside to being delayed was that we now would not in fact miss our flight. The downside was that apparently Baltimore airport decided that Sunday was a great day to close 2 of their 3 runways for maintenance…. Yeah. A lot of lights both in and out of the airport were delayed. And to add further to our misery, all of the flights left that night were going through there.

So Jon and I had a nice, leisurely dinner at the airport restaurant and eventually boarded our 9-something flight out. Since our flight into BWI was so delayed, I was worried that we might miss our flight back to CLE. But luck, or not so lucky depending on how you look at it, that flight was delayed too so we also got to kill plenty of time in Baltimore. Long enough we walked the entire airport. There’s nothing interesting there.

By the time we finally landed in Baltimore, got our luggage, and drove home we didn’t make it to bed until around 2am.

Lucky me, another late Sunday night and much to early Monday morning. I think the girls I joke with at work are starting be impressed by my crazy traveling schedule!

And to add to it, I’m off to CT for the weekend for my sorority’s Alumni picnic! So it’s an 8-hour drive bright and early tomorrow and back again on Sunday afternoon. But I get to see a bunch of my friends so it’s all worth it!

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