Get Up And Shake The Glitter Off Your Clothes Now

That’s what you get for waking up in Vegas – Katy Perry

Las Vegas was a ridiculous trip. There were four of us going
together for the long, Labor Day weekend. My friend L’s parents utilize a time
share, and they offered her the points to book a room. They actually got us a 3
bedroom! It was way more space than 4 girls needed, but it was super nice. It
was two separate rooms with a connecting door, so we had a full kitchen on the
two bedroom side and a little mini kitchenette on the one bedroom side. The 3
bathrooms did come in handy while we were getting ready, but you also had to
yell or walk across the entire place to hear each other.

Our flight out was first thing Friday morning, so we all took the
day off and the plan was originally to all sleep over at one apartment to make
it easier when we had to get up. But the apartment closest to the airport has a
cat, and one of the girls is allergic to cats. So I went to L’s place Thursday
night and we hung out watching TV way later than we should considering we were
leaving for the airport at 4am.

4:10am Friday morning we were all loaded into one car (good thing
L and I both packed in small suitcases, because I don’t think we would have
been able to fit it all otherwise) and headed to the airport. The nice thing
about flying at the crack of dawn is that the place is really empty and
checking in and going through security is fast. The downside is that it’s like
5am and that sucks.

One of the girls hates flying, so she hit the airport bar up and
had a beer to help her relax even though it was a short flight to Chicago,
where we had a stop but didn’t have to get off the plane. Her problem isn’t the
flying part, it’s that she can’t get off if she wants too. The restriction is
what bothers her I guess.

Anyway, we made it to Vegas without having to get her drunk on $5
drinks on the plane. And it was like 8am in Vegas. We get to the hotel but
obviously can’t check in yet (since it’s not until 4pm). So we give the bellhop
our luggage and just take our carry-on’s to the pool. We knew this would
probably happen and all packed a bathing suit in the carry-on.

By 10am the pool bar and grill opened so we all got a fun, frozen
drinks and hung out for a little bit longer until our room was ready.
Thankfully they got us into the room pretty early so we went to check it out,
unpack a little, and then went to hit the pool up and get lunch.

We bought groupon’s for an open bar at Azure, the pool at the
Palazzo, which we wanted to use during their Friday time slot and we also had
gotten on a list for free entry into the Palms clubs all weekend so a little
after lunch we went to get the wristband then hit the pool party. We walked a
little bit, but between the heat, the jet lag, and the dehydration we didn’t
make it far before we caved and got a taxi. I assumed we would walk everywhere
in Vegas because that’s how I think of trips there, but the hotel we were in
was wayyyy down at the end of the strip. Like literally the very last place.

We did the pool party, made some friends and made sure we got our
money’s worth on the groupon. But at that point we were intensely dehydrated
(we were at a pool, but they were only giving us alcohol, no water) and a tad
drunk so we walked over to Harrah’s so we could go to Toby Keith’s I Love This
Bar and Grill. Two of the girls said their food was okay, not great but not bad
either. The other girl and I both got the pulled pork, which was AMAZING. Part
of it could have been because I was hungry and drunk, but I took part home with
me and ate it the next day and I still loved it.

At this point we were so tired from being up since 3am Cleveland
time (midnight Vegas time) that we decided to just go back to the hotel and go
to bed early. We wanted to be well rested since we had some big party plans for
the rest of the weekend.

We got up early Saturday morning, went down and got our free
breakfast from the lounge room. We were sitting there, just eating and talking
when a French family came in. They spent most of the time speaking only French,
so when the mom got up and asked the kid in English if he wanted another croissant
– it caught my attention. The kids response was the best though. He stood up to
follow her and said, “I don’t want my croissant toasted this time. But ONLY
this time!”

Okay, so it was probably funnier if you could hear the tone he
said it with, but it was really funny at the time.

We spent the morning and early afternoon at the pool before going
up to the room to get ready for our dinner reservation (and nap if you were my
friends. I stuck with showering and watching a little TV).

We also got lucky in that it was restaurant week while we were
there. So we made reservations for dinner on Saturday night and on Sunday
night. Both dinners were amazing and about $30 each for 3 and 4 courses!

After dinner we headed back to the room to get ready to go out. On
the way a club promoter stopped us and said he could get us on the list for
Haze at Aria, where Ciara was going to be that night. It was a lot closer than
the Palms so we decided to go for it. It was interesting, but we basically
decided that the Vegas club scene wasn’t for us. Even being on the VIP list we
had to wait a while to get in. Then there was the line for the drinks. And it
was just too much waiting and crowding. About midnight we decided to head out
of the club, and ended up in a lounge/bar in the Aria that was much more our
speed. We made friends and stayed out super late.

Sunday was basically the same thing. We slept in, went to the
pool, I met up with Erik and Jackie while my friends napped and we went to
check out the Wynn. It’s been a few years since I’ve been to Vegas so I hadn’t
actually checked out the Wynn before. It’s very cute and almost whimsical.

Erik and Jackie came back to the hotel with me and hung out while
the rest of us got ready. We decided Saturday night that going to dinner, going
back to the hotel, and going back out again was just too much work, so we
wanted to go to dinner and just stay out that night. Erik and Jackie came to
dinner with us, and we wandered the Forum for a little while. Eventually they
were ready to go hit up a German beer house and we wanted to wander past a club
that had previously offered us open bar passes before finding another
bar/lounge to spend the rest of the night in.

The idea for the night was to not come home at 4am again. We didn’t.
Sunday night we went home at 5am. Improvement? It wasn’t a big deal, but I wanted
a lot more sleep, since we had to check out at 11am.

We packed up, checked out and gave the luggage to the bellhop, and
went to explore the strip. It was a looooong day, but we saw a few places, had
a great lunch at the Paris hotel, did some gambling, and hit a buffet for
dinner before going back to the hotel. By the time we made it to the airport we
were burned out and we still had to take a red-eye home.

I have no problem sleeping on planes. But this was the most
uncomfortable airplane I think I’ve ever been on. There was no way to get
comfortable. The seats were super close to the ones in front of it, the
headrest was at a weird angle, and the seats weren’t very comfortable. I didn’t
get much sleep on top of my sleep deprivation from the night before.

We also got into Cleveland late, which made one of the girls late
for work right off the bat. We all had to go home, get ready for work and start
the day. Tuesday felt like the longest day of my life!

But I’m only young once, right? If there is ever a time to do something
crazy like that now is it. And I had a lot of fun and now would consider the
girls good friends. I even discovered one of them goes to my gym so now we’re
gym buddies and have already gone twice last week!

We’re even talking about doing it again sometime, but without the terrible flight home! (The other condition is that we stay closer to the main part of the strip. Being that far off from the action isn’t for us!)

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