Cleveland Zoo

I haven’t even logged onto my blog since the post from Vegas,
which was a whopping 15 days ago. Clearly I’m not destined to be one of those
super popular bloggers who posts every day and can make a living doing it. Of
course, my lack of consistency posting isn’t the only thing standing in my way
– but who needs reality anyway?

So today I’m getting my car serviced. And because I believe in
delaying things of an adult nature as long as possible, I made the appointment
(at work) yesterday afternoon. So here I am at 9:15 hanging out while they do
this because Jon has better things to do (sort of) than shuttle my ass around.

Now seems like the perfect time to play catch up on the last month
or so of my life that I have been neglecting to give you boring details about.

The weekend between Arizona and Vegas, Jon and I decided on Sunday
to go to the Cleveland Zoo. It’s been on our list of things to do for a while
now. Okay, it’s been on the list since we moved here, and was moved higher on
the list this spring when the media here kept doing all the coverage about the
new elephant exhibit they put in.

So we finally decided to go. I even got all cuted up and put on a
little dress. Which of course meant that it was cold and overcast out. Then
about halfway through the zoo it started raining.

Probably that’s what I get for not making him go on Saturday. We
were going to go, but went to Best Buy instead because he really wants to get a
new computer. Of course he didn’t buy anything, but I did. Still not quite sure
how that worked out, and since we were right there we went to Costco too which
just means I spent more money. Totally worth it though. I got new headphones
for my ipod which I’ve needed for a long time now. I also bought a cheap little
digital camera. Erik gave me his camera for my birthday present, but it’s a
larger camera and a pretty nice one. I knew I was going to Vegas and I didn’t
want to take the camera and have something happen to it while we were running
around. Best Buy had like a $30 little digital camera. Clearly nothing fancy
but I thought it’d be good to have for things like this trip.

But back to the zoo. It’s actually a really great zoo. Not as nice
as the San Diego zoo, but it’s also only $11 to get in. I think we both went in
with low expectations thanks to the Lincoln Park Zoo and were happily

I think we pretty much saw everything in the place, even with the
slight drizzle. It rained a lot while we were eating lunch but wasn’t too bad
after that. There were even a few times when it was sunny! The only animal I
think we might have missed was the zebra. They were on the map but we never saw
any, but they could have just not been out that day.

I’m going to include pictures I took at the zoo here (with the
little camera I bought at Best Buy!) but I didn’t bring the camera cord to the
dealership with me.

Okay – home now and set my camera all up! (And I think I officially HATE WordPress. I finished the post, including pictures and posted it…. just came back to it to find that it didn’t post like the entire second half of the post! This isn’t the first time it has deleted something of mine – typically involving pictures but also text. We’re officially fighting. Check back though. I’ll put as much of it as I remember back up for you!)

Jon and I spent a while watching these turtles. They were chasing each other around the pen and a crowed formed to watch. (At least as much as two giant turtles can “chase” each other.)

They also fed the giraffes right next to a viewing platform that gave you a really up close look at the animals. This picture is zoomed in because the platform was closed that day, but we still had a great view from where we were.

We missed the seal and sea lion show, but they were still swimming and playing when we went by so we stopped and watched for a little while.

Totally Allen from the Hangover. I made Jon wait for me until I could get a good picture, but the little suckers move fast!

The polar bear just stood there staring. He didn’t sit or even move much. It just made me wonder what he was thinking, looking back at all the people.

I kind of really liked the reindeer. Partly because their interesting animals, but partly because they were super active and running around their area. So many animals at the zoo are sleeping or hiding so getting to see some doing interesting things is way more fun.

The elephants! They just spent a ton of money doing the whole elephant exhibit and it’s actually the first thing you see when you come into the park.

*WordPress and I are going to have serious words. This time it posted most of what I wrote and all but one picture. So we’re improving but I’m still seriously PISSED. Here’s the rest:

And finally the Gift Shop! I had to go in obviously because I love that kind of thing. Jon, not so much. He think’s they’re pointless and he especially hated this one because it was really crowded. I loved these little guys though. I just think they’re so cute, and pretty with all of the detail, and fun! I wish I had someplace I could work them into my apartment haha!

And when I did this post originally I had a whole closing paragraph about the zoo and how great it was. I paraphrased it the second time I had to write it, and now I really don’t remember it but the gist was that we really enjoyed the zoo and would totally go back (especially if anyone visits us and wants to go!).

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2 Responses to Cleveland Zoo

  1. Cindy says:

    Giant Boy Turtle: “Hey, hey baby! Come on over here and I’ll buy you a seaweed martini!”
    Giant Girl Turtle: “I have a headache! Leave me alone!’
    Giant Boy Turtle: ” But I have a special surprise for you.”
    Giant Girl Turtle: “I said go away!”
    Giant Boy Turtle: “I’m your giant shell of lovin’. You know you want me.”
    Giant Girl Turtle: “I said……..

  2. Jess says:

    love the turtle conversation. also appreciating your ongoing fights with word press..

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