Cuyahoga County Fair

Last night Jon and I, and a group of friends, went to the Cuyahoga County Fair. My new friend from last weekend E, met Jon and I at our place and we drove out to meet the rest of the group at the fairgrounds. It was further away than I thought it was – out by the airport and the IX center actually.

We had a really good time wandering around, eating fair food, and people watching (which has got to be the best part of fairs. So many interesting people).

I can also now scratch off several fatty foods I’ve seriously been wanting to try. I had, in no particular order:

fried Oreos

fried milky way

fried cookie dough

elephant ear (aka fried dough – we actually had two of these, one my friend bought and one that was much larger and thinner/crisper that we were given by an older couple we made friends with)


french fries

fried swiss cheese (like a wedge on a stick – and not well done at all)

I wanted to have a fried Twinkie because that just sounds like all kinds of delicious and bad for you, but even I can only do so much sugary goodness before I hit a wall. I would totally do the fried milky way again though – AMAZING doesn’t even describe it. I could have eaten 3 of those suckers. With all the other fried things a little went a very long way.

We then also rode an old school ride, the one that goes really, really fast in a circle, first forward – then backwards. I sat next to my friend L’s friend from school who was visiting for the weekend. I felt a little bad since I had just met her like an hour before and I was squashing her, but we were both laughing pretty hard so I’m hoping she just thought it was funny and that wasn’t an “I’m uncomfortable” laugh.

A decent amount of time was just spent sitting around talking, eating, and people watching. Poor Jon probably had to sit through a few conversations he was less than interested in, but I’d say he still had fun. Everyone also got a first-hand look at my ability to make friends/give off some kind of vibe that makes people talk to me.

That’s how we got the large elephant ear from the older couple, got into a discussion about gyros with a vendor lady, contemplated the differences in fried junk food with a young mom, and got a carnival worker to take a group picture for us. At least that’s all I remember being responsible for. I’m apparently also rubbing off because L was approached while in line for the fried Oreo’s by some random guy who wanted to talk about them. He wasn’t in line, he didn’t buy anything, he just came out of nowhere to chat. Oops haha.

We ended the night with the fireworks the fair put on. I’m spoiled by Disney fireworks. I love watching them, but I always can’t help but think how much better they would be with a soundtrack. Still they were a really impressive showing, especially the finale.

I can’t help but just love county fairs. So classic americana.

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