Freak July Weather

Ohio is an interesting place to live.

Winter was long and cold. Fine, I picked the northeast so I can’t say that was unexpected. It’s just my luck that this winter was one of the worst in a long time, but that happened a lot of places.

Spring was short – mostly because it was taken over by the winter that just didn’t know when to quit – and very rainy. I can’t complain about the rain either, mostly because I like the northeast because it’s so green and pretty (which requires rain) and also because after a semester in Ireland, rain doesn’t bother me very much anymore.

Summer was slow to start because Spring clearly felt cheated by Winter and they all need to learn to share better. But now that it’s here it’s clearly showing that it doesn’t like being the ignored middle child in this year’s family. We’ve had a number of majorly hot, sunny days. Unfortunately most of these days are during the week while I’m stuck inside an office, and by the time the weekend rolls around its overcast or raining again.

Summer sucks as an adult.

I don’t get to go do very many summery things because I’m stuck in an office 40+ hours a week, the weekends are rarely as nice as the week, and there are errands and things to do keeping me from lying around by the pool or on the beach.

Then in the last two weeks we had crazy storms twice! My qualifications for a crazy storm are rain/wind bad enough to make the power go out (and stay out) and HAIL IN JULY.

Tell me how this makes sense? The hail part, the power going out is simply awesomeness that requires no explanations since I got to go home an hour early on a Friday and 4 hours early on a Monday. Although why it takes my company 2 hours of having no power to decide we might as well go home could use a little bit more logic.

But in 90+ degree weather with rain and wind, how does hail work? It was hot and humid out, nowhere near cold enough for the hail. It was interesting to see, and to hear because our office has some sort of tin roof so I love the sound of heavy rain and hail.

Now it’s back to being sunny, hot and humid. At least during the week. We had one good weekend where I got to spend a few hours by the pool. This weekend wasn’t quite as nice, little overcast, but I’m hoping to get a little bit more sun before I go on vacation so I don’t totally fry myself while lying around by the pool.

It’ll be interesting to see what Fall in Ohio brings since none of the other seasons seem to cooperate.

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