Not so busy I can’t think about decorating!

I seem to be very busy for not actually doing much. Or maybe I’ve just become more discriminating (lazy?) about what stories I tell you guys about since I’ve had no problem giving you extensive detail about all the nothing I was doing before. I just can’t imagine it’s all that interesting to read about how I met friends for sushi on thursday since Jon was out-of-town on business again and went to a Meetup at the winery that’s practically in my backyard Friday after work. 

I did make a new friend at the meetup, well several people who I really liked, but one close to my age that I’d be interested in hanging out with outside of meetup. Which is why she was invited to come out to a bar with us afterwards.

We’ll have to wait and see if I can add another good friend to the list after last night, but I think I’ll be able to. And she’s from Texas originally so it’s nice to know someone else that is somewhat ‘new’ to the area (even though I’m pretty sure she’s been here a few years).

But I went shopping today with a friend and got some cute dresses and things for my trip to Vegas in a few weeks. Totally worthwhile (even though I’m sure Jon wouldn’t agree).

Lets see. . . what else is going on in my life?

I keep thinking of things I want to do in the apartment. I just have to commit and buy it. And then putting it together. The both up and downside to some of my ideas is that it creates storage, but we don’t really have anything to store in it. But I guess it doesn’t hurt to have the options right?

Now I just need to finish finding my things to decorate the dining room so I can move onto the ugly mess that is the bedroom and 2nd bedroom.

I found sheets that I really love – and they’re not blue! I’m branching out! And Jon doesn’t mind them either so I think that makes them a go. Problem is now only that they’re by Kate Spade and therefore not the cheapest sheets. Nothing too outrageous, but I probably wont just go get them on a whim either. I’ll have to plan out the rest of the room so I can make sure everything works with them.

Good thing this is a task I enjoy!!

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