Relaxing Outdoor Weekend

Jon and I had a weekend full of my kind of outdoor time this weekend.

I convinced him we should run ‘errands’ on Saturday. And by errands I mean shopping.

We hit a mall not to far from us. It reminds me a lot of like a South Coast Plaza or some of the Orange County malls. Definitely a lot of upper middle class stores, but an interesting mix of shoppers. Lots of girls teetering around on super high heels but there were also a number of groups of teens and young families. But we basically only stopped there to go into one store that the outdoor mall down the road didn’t have. We did also grab lunch while we were there because Jon had never been to Chick-fil-A before.

(He loved it.)

After making him wander through a few stores at the outdoor mall (where I had no luck finding anything worth buying 😦 ugh), we stopped at Borders. I didn’t get anything at Borders even! I was clearly off my game or something. But there are about a million books I’ll buy with only minimal prompting, but none of the ones I was picking up I wanted so badly I couldn’t wait until they were a better deal. Most of the books there are only 20% off, maybe 40% at best but most were still only 20%. I’m just going to go back and shop to my little hearts content when they’re marked even more off.

But after Borders, we headed to Costco since it’s only one exit away from there. Making both of us even happier there is a Best Buy right next to the Costco. So I dropped Jon off and got to go wander through to my heart’s content without Jon getting bored or giving me input about what he thought I didn’t need to be buying, and he got to go play with computers and tablets without me being bored and bugging him. Perfection.

At Costco I got a tri-tip steak! This was such a source of excitement for me, because I never see tri-tip out here. Most people don’t even know what it is (deliciousness) and the icing on the cake was that it was Morton’s so I knew it was going to be good.

But after getting home with all the treasures I found at Costco, we just spent the rest of the afternoon lazing around and went out for a late dinner.

Sunday we ran to target first thing. We had planned on going out for breakfast, but we were both still full from the late dinner the night before. But the plan for the day was to be lazy, spend some time at the pool, and bbq the tri-tip for dinner. 

So at Target there were only a few things we wanted to get, including a small tin pail and a little table to use when grilling. But neither Jon nor I are overly impressed with this Target. It just doesn’t seem to have as much selection as I’m used to from Target. This isn’t the first time I’ve gone in there and haven’t been able to find something even close to what I’m looking for.

But after getting home I decided I wanted to go to the pool. I hadn’t been to ours yet and I was way to pale for it to be halfway through summer. I had a little while at the pool by myself which was nice, but eventually a mom and her young son showed up. He was a cutie. Very friendly and pretty funny. After Jon came to join me is when he got really chatty though. He had all kinds of questions and would laugh every time Jon would go under water to swim and tell me that there’s no diving allowed.

At one point he kept asking me when I was going to come back in and play with him. So I spent a while ‘chasing’ him while he kicked around with his little inflatable life vest, had him chase me, and swung him around in the water. I’m betting him mom was just thrilled she could lay out and didn’t have to entertain him for a little while. He was pretty energetic.

The afternoon was spent relaxing, doing a little cleaning, then the magical bbq-ing of the tri-tip. It was just as good as I thought it would be. Yummmm. Next time I go to Costco I think I’m picking up another one, or I’ll look for just the cut of meat and not the Morton’s pre-marinated one. But even Jon loved it and he’s not much of a red meat-eater. So clearly it was amazing.

To finish off a wonderful weekend, I talked Jon into going for ice cream at a local Ohio chain, Mitchells Homemade. He got the key lime pie and I got roasted campfire smores. Sitting outside in beautiful weather just talking about everything capped the weekend perfectly.

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