The Game of Things

I bought it for myself this weekend. I was having a girls night with several friends up a one’s lake house and we stopped at walmart to pick up snacks and drinks – I had talked about how much fun I had playing this and they asked about it while we were there. Jon loves it too so I decided to go for it.

The idea of the game is everyone writes down what comes into their head when the ‘reader’ reads a topic from a card. They pass their answer and pass them to the reader, the reader reads them all aloud to the group. The person to the left of the reader goes first trying to guess who said which answer. If they get it right, they guess the next answer. If they get it wrong, it’s the next persons turn to guess. You keep going until everyone answer has been discovered (the reader doesn’t guess because they see everyone’s handwriting).

The person who gets the last answer right gets the point.

It’s a really fun game, and the longer you play the funnier it gets because some answers will come up repeatedly. It’s also pretty great to see who would come up with which answers, and guessing right is a combination of knowing the people you’re playing with and having a good memory about who has already been guessed/had their answer reveled.

I’ve played a few times now, and only just realized the directions in the box have the rules differently than I was taught to play. But after reading the rules, they just seem more complicated and not worth it.

Up to you though, just know that if you’re playing with me I’m sticking to the way I know!

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